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Why Company?

    Our company dancers are students who would like to further their dance education and experience by competing and performing semi-locally and attending dance conventions throughout the season. These students are committed to learning competitive routines and spending extra rehearsal time at the studio beyond their regular weekly classes. 

    DIW Company dancers come away with a greater sense of responsibility, dedication, and sacrifice. They are often better students in school, make better choices through their teenage years, and are always great role models to our younger students. We hold these dancers to very high standards which are always met and most of time, exceed our expectations. 

    We believe in creating a well rounded dancer that is able to continue their passion beyond high school, if they so choose. Whether or not a student dreams of making dance their career, we strive to have our dancers come away with the tools and the mindset to succeed in any path they choose in life. Our goal is always to build character along with technique.

    Ask your child’s teachers for more information about company and if it is right for your dancer.


Interest Meeting

May 22nd

For NEW dancers interested in joining our 2024-2025 competitive teams!
Saturday Auditions 2023-24.png
Saturday  2023-24.png
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