Doing Well By Doing Good

Our mission is to teach dance while building character. We want our students to value personal growth and to be able to discover just how much they are capable of. One of the best ways to do that is to encourage them to step outside of their world and take a look at the bigger picture. We want them to seek the needs of others and have the confidence to know that their kindness can impact the community and the world. We are also believers in leading by example and so we have decided to commit to giving back to our community through service projects. 

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Here's how you can help!

If you have a favorite charity or know of some causes in the Tri-Cities that we can help out with, please go to our contact page and let us know how we can get involved. We are so fortunate to get to do what we love and have had so much support. It's time for us to come together and support others. Let's do some good this year!


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